Pro-active Support.

Affordable! - Very competitive rates. We guarantee to beat your current or renewal quotes. No need to commit to lengthy contracts (though the more support that you purchase, the better the value). Flexible! - Annual, biennial and even triennial contracts are available - which ever scenario suits you ...... read more


Information Highway.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an essential part of the school. As well as generalising learnt skills, it is a great way for the children to be independent. Most children get a lot of enjoyment out of printing their work and even going to the printer to collect it. Having their work ...... read more


Current Technology.

There are a huge number of devices and communication methods involved within Infornation Communication Technology (ICT), some more obvious than others. Not everything ICT is relevant in every situation. Knowing what is a relevant, contributory ICT resource can be key to a successful strategy ...... read more